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Europe 2005Europe 2006

Our Europe 2006 trip took us to Italy and France. Ajita, a close friend of ours, rented a villa in Montacatini, Italy for all of us (how generous!!). There were 14 of us: The Sharma family including Ajita, her parents Raj and Roshan Sharma, Ajita’s sister Veena as well as Anthony and two friends from LA, Lewis and Christy. My family included me, Dave, Jean, Jeff and Beverly. We were also lucky to have two very dear friends of ours living in Macedonia, Dave and Kathleen, visit with us while we were there. I took several of us to Rome as a side trip while everyone else stayed to enjoy the villa. When we returned from Rome, we all went on a day trip through Tuscany to see Montefiroe, a wonderful winery called Montagliari and then on to Sienna and San Gimignano. From there we all went to Florence for a few days and then we all parted ways. Our group went on to tour the coast of Italy and South France. We stayed in Rapollo, toured the 5 towns of Cinque Terre by train, and even got a hike in. From Rapollo we drove up the coast into France to Nice. While there, we visited Monte Carlo, Eze, Nice, Grasse, the Verdon Gorge, and several other small towns in the Provence area.

Follow arrows below to see the path of our journey. Links appear when you mouse over a city where there are arrows. In these areas, the map is interactive and you can click on the town to see the photos taken there.

Verdon Gorge
Rapallo Cinque Terre
Allemagne-en-Provence & Moustiers Ste Marie Grasse
Nice, Eze & Monte Carlo
Florence / Firenze
Tuscany Region